Church History

 Our Church History . . .Southwest Community Church was founded by Rev. Robert Miller in 1969. The church met in a  school cafeteria until the Lord blessed us with the finances and generous donations to purchase the property we are still  on today. The property was wooded, but there was a gem hidden in it. Behind the tall grass, trees, mounds of dirt and  tires, there was a small home where years of youth meetings, camps and classes would be taught.
 The church building was completed in 1977, and the people started pouring in. Pastor Miller had a  heart for the lost and was often quoted as saying, “If you are going to ere, ere on the side of grace.”  Serving during WWII, his life was forever changed after participating in one of the first concentration  camp liberations. His heart would be open to the nation of Israel and the Jewish people until his  passing .
 The church was built by volunteers, donations and much prayer. A Bilbe was placed into the church's  cornerstone so our heritage as a Bible church would never be forgotten. After Pastor Miller's  retirement in 1987, Dr. George Pearson  took the lead as the church's second Senior Pastor. In 1989, the church hired Rev Charles Birch, our most  tenured Pastor to date. Pastor Birch served for seven years as the church’s first youth pastor until 1982 when he was called to work with youth in  the Florida Keys. Dr. Birch served as our Senior Pastor since 1989 - Feb. 2015. On Feb. 1st, 2015, Pastor Chip passed the baton, as he likes to  say, to the youth pastor Cody Wallace. Rev Cody served with the youth since Dec. 2002. Pastor Cody now leads the congregation into the next  chapter of the churches rich history. The focus of building a discipleship based church, with a drive to reach the lost and teach individuals to grow in  Christ. We have been blessed with four godly Sr. Pastors since our founding and many associate pastors and leaders who have done the Lord’s work in Southwest  Miami.