Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Cody Wallace has been faithfully serving as the Senior Pastor since 2015. He has been serving at Southwest Community Church since 2002. Pastor Cody started as a volunteer youth ministry  worker and within a few months was the Middle School Youth Director. He eventually became a full-time Youth/College Director in 2006 and in  2010 was ordained to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a graduate of Liberty University where he received an MDiv, National Bible College where he earned his degree in Biblical Studies. It was here he developed a love for the language of  Scripture and solidified his doctrinal stance as a dispensationalist, free-grace, pre-tribulation pastor. He is currently a doctoral student with  Liberty University’s Seminary  program.

 Prior to serving at S.W.C.C., Pastor Cody married the love of his life Margaret. ‘Meg’, as she is nicknamed, has been at his side ever since as a  help mate in the ministry. He jokingly calls her his, “Editor in Chief” as Sunday sermons often take shape at home. Meg has a deep love for people as a nurse, massage  therapist, and certified case manager; she is also a distinguished artist with Set Free Art.  The two have three beautiful children, who often provide illustrations for Pastor  Cody's sermons.