Leadership - Staff and Volunteers

If you wish to CONTACT any of the SWCC staff please call (305) 223-3816 or email swcc@swcc.org, we do not give out their personal contacts without permission. 

  John Echeveria - Head Deacon, John, and his family have been at SWCC for over 10 years. In this time John has taught Sunday School classes, assisted in community outreach events and served on the deacon board. John has a love for the Word and has taken many classes at National Bible College, Tyndale and Southeastern. He has a love for God's people and sharing the clarity of the gospel.


  Daniel Aja - College Director, Daniel worked many years with the youth of our church starting from when he was
  a student leader in the 9th grade and is now the College Director. His lovely wife Lizzie works alongside him in the ministry.  
  Dan also serves in worship as a drummer and as a deacon.

  Katie de la fe - KCS Principal, Katie has a heart to serve, teach and share Christ's love with kids. She joined the KCS staff as the 5th
grade teacher were she was a favorite to the kids. more at the school page www.kcsmiami.com

  Henry Ketzle - Connections Director, Henry and Patty have been attending SWCC a few months after it opened
  it's doors in 1969. They have served in numerous ministries and events as host, leader and attendees. It made
  sense these loving people should lead our new members classes and be the warm faces that visit you from the
  church. Henry is also the chair of the board of elders.

  Henry and Patty are married with two daughters and two grand babies from their youngest and 4 grands from their oldest.


 Adam Albert - Music Director
/ Youth Director, Adam heads up the music aspect of our worship service as well as being the Youth Director.

  Tony DeJesus - Music Director / Tech Director - Tony is the Co- Worship Leader alongside Adam. Tony started at SWCC as a youth leader and has served in many positions throughout the years. He also heads the website and works in our A/V & social media department.


  Linda Love - Business Administrator, Linda works with the finances for KCS and SWCC and teaches classes on
  financial responsibility. To many at SWCC she is considered a spiritual mom as she teaches two ladies classes, is
  active in discipleship and mentoring women through Scripture.


  Justin Garner - Kids/ AWANA
Justin has a heart for kids and ministry. Justin is the main teacher and coodinator for the Elementary children's Sunday School and Jr Church Ministries at SWCC as well as the AWANA Commander.

  Amanda Sanchez - Children & M.O.P.s, Amanda is our Nursery and 3's-5's director and heads the M.O.P.'s programs at S.W.C.C. She has
  a heart for the Lord and serves in AWANA as well as being a willing helping hand in any situation. She has a fantastic family and is
  married to a great guy, Alonso.